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Dec 10

Call for participation to the First Tunisian Student Branch Congress

Dear IEEE ENIS SB student member,
It is a great pleasure to invite you to participate to the First Tunisian Student Branch Congress (TSBC 2013).
Date: 17-18 December 2013
Place: Hotel Cartago El Ksar Sousse
Registration fees: 35DT (PC)Transportation: is FREE for participants and will be provided from Sfax to Sousse and from Sousse to Sfax.
The program includes:
- workshops and training;
- Competitions and awards;
- Entertainment activities;
Registration is REQUIRED due to the limited number of participants:

Registration is now closed!

Nov 22

Distinguished Lecturer by Dr. Andrzej Romanowski

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the IEEE distinguished lecture presented by Dr. Andrzej Romanowski.
Talks titles:
- E-Gov-Tun and GreenIT Scholarships
    – Tomatoes vs Savoir vivre: Another Approach to Ubicomp and HCI.
Date & Time:
   - Saturday 30 Nov. 2013 at 10:30am in the Innovation Center at ENIS (Sfax)
Feel free to invite your colleagues!

Nov 18

IEEE PES distinguished lectures by Prof. Bruno Meyer

    On 16 November, IEEE PES Student chapter at ENIS (National Engineering School of Sfax) in association with IEEE PES Tunisia chapter and IEEE ENIS Student Chapter organized the first DLP talk (Distinguished Lecture Program). Our guest was Prof. Bruno Meyer: an IEEE Fellow, CEO of ARTERIA, member of the PES Governing Board from 2006 to 2008 as Region 8 representative, received the Cigré Technical Committee Award in 1999 and a 2013 IEEE PES President-Elect nominate.

    The event began with a welcome presentation delivered by Prof. Ahmed Masmoudi, followed by 2 presentations by Prof. Bruno Meyer himself. The first one was about the IEEE Power & Energy Society. The second one was about R&D for Transmission Systems Operator: the key challenge in Europe.

   The DLP talk attracted many graduate and undergraduate students who were interested in these kinds of themes, as well as Professors who attended and animated the talk. This variation of audience made the event more interactive, and made the transfer of knowledge easier.

    This was the first event organized by the newly created IEEE PES ENIS Student Chapter. This event was preceded by a visit to different Research facilities in ENIS guided by Mr. Nabil Derbel, ENIS’s Director of study who gave an idea on the different unit of research. A special thanks to all the IEEE volunteers and IEEE PES Tunisia Chapter: In particular, Mr. Habib Kammoun PES Student Chapter Advisor.

For photos: <link>