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  At the National Engineering School of Sfax (ENIS) in Tunisia, the IEEE student branch provides many services which you will find beneficial such as workshops, technical presentations, career networking events and more. Through events such as speakers, industry tours and technical courses, IEEE ENIS SB focuses on extending the educational and technical experience of students in computer …

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Counselor: Current Board 2016: Appointed Members 2016: <<Past Volunteers>>

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 <Download> Name and Purpose: Sec. 1. This organization shall be known as the “IEEE Student Branch @ ENIS” and as “IEEE ENIS SB”. Sec. 2. The organization was established, by Habib M. Kammoun as student branch chair and Adel M. Alimi as student branch counselor, on April 01, 2009. Sec. 3. The purpose shall be …

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How to volunteer at IEEE ENIS SB

As a student branch, IEEE ENIS SB depends mainly on volunteers to organize the events and activities held by the branch. Volunteers can come from any department whether within National Engineering School of Sfax or from other institutes. Becoming an IEEE volunteer can be a gratifying and memorable experience. Whether your skills are suited for …

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