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 The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest technical professional society. Founded in 1884 by a handful of practitioners of the new electrical engineering discipline. The men and women of the IEEE are the technical and scientific professionals making the revolutionary engineering advances which are reshaping our world today. The technical …

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IEEE Region8

IEEE Region 8 covers Europe, Middle East and Africa. It was formed on 8th January 1963. At that time it comprised Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The ‘rest of the world’ was all Region 9 at that time, until in 1966, Region 9 was limited to South America and the ‘rest of the world’ became …

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IEEE Tunisia Section

The Tunisia Section of the IEEE, established on June 21, 2008, has over 400 members. If you are an IEEE member and live in Tunisia, you are automatically a member of the Tunisia Section. The Section is part of Region 8. Many technical, professional, and social events are arranged by Tunisian Chapters of IEEE Technical Societies. For …

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