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Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society (SMCS)

The mission of the Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Societyis to serve the interests of its members and the community at large by promoting the theory, practice, and interdisciplinary aspects of systems science and engineering, human-machine systems, and cybernetics.

It is accomplished through conferences, publications, and other activities that contribute to the professional needs of its members.

The SMCS Student Branch Chapter in our school ENIS, established on June 26, 2009, counts 25 graduate and undergraduate students (January 2011). It was the first SMC student chapter in Region 8 and the first student chapter in ENIS!


Our main objective is to present significance of the Systems, Man, and Cybernetics area in order to solve complex and real life problem, through various activities including seminars, lectures, conferences, and competitions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: [email protected]


Fore more details:

- SMCS website:

- SMCS Student website:


Chapter advisor :

Adel M. Alimi

smc socpar

[email protected]

Executive Committee (2015):




Wael Ouarda

[email protected]



Imen Masmoudi

[email protected]


Hanène Elleuch

[email protected]